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Is it possible to play and have adventures and still get some quality work done?

Of course! It’s not easy at first, but it’s absolutely possible.

There are a few approaches that have worked or me!

1. Charge more and work fewer hours

If you’re a consultant or have the ability to charge a higher hourly rate (or package rate) you may be able to flip your schedule around so that you can give yourself the extra time to explore, while also maintaining your revenue goals.

2. Outsource some of your work (build a team)

Begin building up your team, so that you can push off some of your tasks and revenue goals, giving you the freedom to take more time off, without taking a big financial hit.

Examples of some things you can outsource:

  • setting up client calls
  • following up after client calls
  • collecting reviews and testimonials
  • turning documentation into workbooks or pdfs
  • posting blog posts on your website
  • turning quotes into social sharing images

Resource: How to Outsource

3. Automate as much as possible

Almost all aspects of your business can have some automation incorporated into it. Some things aren’t ideally suited to automation (like customer support, for example) but the more you can areas where you can incorporate some level of automation, the better.

Resource: Automate Your Biz

4. Leverage your work

Find ways to leverage the work you’re already doing. You may want to consider ways you can offer your service to a group of people at the same time.

If you’re a service based business, you may want to look at ways you can bundle together packages, to make your work more efficient, and even more cost effective to your client.

Document everything you’re doing, so that you can start building up systems (to share with clients, or with a team)

Product components you might include with leveraged income:
● membership forums
● private coaching
● VIP days
● group coaching
● virtual or in person workshops

Resources: Running Group Programs (scroll down to the lower half of this page)

5. Begin creating (semi) passive income

Take what you already know, and what you already offer to your customers / clients and turn it into some kind of digital product.

Product Components for Passive Income:
● mp3
● Video
● Podcast Style
● PDF / Workbook / eBook
● Auto responder Series (video, email, audio)
● Apps
● Software
● Quiz/Assessments
● Art cards

Resource: 5 Day Product Challenge (one is starting Sept 22)

6. Incorporate Affiliate Revenue or Commissions

If you’re able to promote other peoples offers, you can earn additional revenue without needing to physically deliver anything.

Sometimes it requires a lot of work — other things it’s incredibly easy.

Sometimes you can tap into recurring revenue options — watch for affiliate programs like this:

  • 30% commission when someone pays a monthly fee for a product or service)
  • 50% commission for a product or service for the initial sale, plus any future purchases (no guarantee there will be additional sales, but it’s some affiliate programs will tag you as the initial referrer, and continue to pay out for years)

Resource: Affiliate Income Checklist

7. A combination of all of the above

Ideally, you’ll create a combination of leveraged and passive income that will support you, as well as building up support (via outsourced employees and automation).

Earlier this year I was able to go on a long trip with my Mom (see my instagram pics from April), and just needed to check in to email a couple of times a day.
I remember needing to do more than that, while working in a corporate job, when there was someone stepping in for me while on vacation.

It’s not like that now — There’s fluctuation in my income, and in April, while on the road, I didn’t make as much as I would other months, but my income didn’t completely dry up either.

How do you juggle work and play? Are you able to travel while still generating income? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9


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