p_00330Do you ever have completely insane, out of this world ideas and think, “I shouldn’t do that!” Do you listen to the voice that says it’s not practical? That it would take too much work? The one that suggests taking an easier route?

I’ve got to tell you, too many times in my life I’ve listened to that practical voice in my head. Way too many times. And instead of making things easier for me, I think it makes life harder.

<<—- Clever Thank You gift I received in the mail from one of my biz coaches (not really related to this blog topic)

Let me give you a real life example, from yesterday.

Yesterday I was looking at 37 blog post ideas.  All of them very reasonable and somewhat interesting topics. Topics I could write about all day long. But I didn’t. I was tired, and so I wrote about that instead. And as I was writing that blog post I fell asleep and dreamed about a networking event. It was a little bit of a ‘schmozzle’ of events I’ve probably been to in the past. When I’m in a networking event I have a natural affinity for meeting people, remembering strange little tidbits and then connecting this person, to that person across the room. You probably already know someone like me, right?  It’s not quite the same in the online world. But my “dreamy state” mind thought of a solution. When I woke from that nap I had the idea to introduce my blog readers to 20 women I call friends. As I was writing the draft I realized it would be a very, very long post & decided I’d share it with you weekly, over the next month.

It’s the idea I wanted to share with you. This notion of going with your instincts, your intuition, your gut. I could have easily written about something else that was on my list of things to share on my blog. Another great resource or tips list. I have more “how to” blog post and video drafts than any 1 girl should have.

Instead, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning the other night, trying to get my theme to display the images right (yes, it happens to me too!) because my weekly newsletter goes out automatically with mailchimp at 8:00 a.m.  And I wanted these lovely ladies to make an appearance in this weeks letter.

And it all worked out. There were some ‘last minute mistakes’, I still had to “work it!” (by staggering my sharing throughout the day to reach different audiences, tweeting & connecting with people who I thought would enjoy it, etc) but overall there were smiles!  

And my biggest traffic day, ever!

If I were to do it again, what would I do differently?  Nothing!

Well, maybe I wouldn’t have stayed up until 2 a.m.

Would you like to know some cool stats?

  • over 50% of all of today’s traffic landed on the actual blog post (which means they didn’t see my home page first, but must have clicked through from a social share button, somewhere)
  • The average page visit was 14.6 minutes (that’s really good for me)
  • 28% of todays visitors clicked on a link (to meet one of the ladies I recommended and/or one of the other links I had on that page)
  • On average, each visitor visited 4.55 pages
  • 44% were returning visitors (yay!)
  • And not one person signed up for my RSS or email newsletter  (very intriguing)

It’s all fascinating to me – and real! Obviously I need to create something more compelling to invite people to remain connected with me. And if you’re still reading to the bottom of this post today & have any suggestions, I welcome them! Bring them on!

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