ANSWER THE BURNING QUESTION: what boat do you need to burn?

Being that I’ve recently crossed a ferry to live on an island (for a month or more) this question feels a little eerie to me. Timely? Spooky? I’m not entirely sure. There’s more to the story here. Danielle mentions Irish folk-lore of people arriving at their destination, unpacking and then burning their boat so they can’t turn back.

Is that something I’d be prepared to do? Would I even want to? I can’t say that this is the place I intended to land. Of course, the question is meant to be metaphorical, not literal. But in this case … it does beg the question.

Would I burn the boat?

Salt Spring Island, BCJust prior to this question arriving via email in my inbox I had written a letter to myself (as I often do), and across the top of the page I wrote, “What I’d love to do:”

That’s it! Just made a statement that I’d love to do these things…. and then wrote about what I’d love.

Some would seem silly to you. They seem silly to me.  But the rest are things I’d love to try out this month while here on the island. Including my desire to trade in one – to – one work and truly focus on creating virtual real estate that pays more than just pocket change.

And fear sneaks up. Even as I’m writing this I wonder if you might read it and think, “well, that’s silly! You have to work hard for your money. You can’t live off of virtual real estate!” And maybe someone else won’t even know what I’m talking about.  And worse yet, I won’t even know you’re thinking this about me, because you’ll probably click right off this page and not leave a comment. Why? partially because we’re not sitting across a coffee table from each other. I can’t see the look in your eyes, and I can’t read the vibe you’re giving off when I say something that clearly makes no sense to anyone, but me.

That’s what I’m missing by wanting to be ‘virtual’ instead of working 1 to 1.  Being able to tap into your reaction to my words.

Yet, it’s really a silly fear. There are ways.  Others have been blogging and even supplementing their income through their virtual real estate. Some even replacing their full time income. So why would I limit myself from that group of people? Could it be because I still have the ‘old boat’ with me as a back up plan?

And would burning it really do me any good? I’m not sure I have the answer tonight, but I will know by the end of this month.

What do you think?  Burn it? Or keep it, just in case?

and let me know your opinion! Or write a comment below.

p.s. have you seen the pics I’ve been sharing on Facebook?  I’m still deciding if the story of us staying in a Yurt for a month is something to share here, or just in social media. Decisions, decisions.

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