Would I burn the boat?

by | Mar 4, 2012 | Business, Travels | 7 comments

ANSWER THE BURNING QUESTION: what boat do you need to burn?

Being that I’ve recently crossed a ferry to live on an island (for a month or more) this question feels a little eerie to me. Timely? Spooky? I’m not entirely sure. There’s more to the story here. Danielle mentions Irish folk-lore of people arriving at their destination, unpacking and then burning their boat so they can’t turn back.

Is that something I’d be prepared to do? Would I even want to? I can’t say that this is the place I intended to land. Of course, the question is meant to be metaphorical, not literal. But in this case … it does beg the question.

Would I burn the boat?

Salt Spring Island, BCJust prior to this question arriving via email in my inbox I had written a letter to myself (as I often do), and across the top of the page I wrote, “What I’d love to do:”

That’s it! Just made a statement that I’d love to do these things…. and then wrote about what I’d love.

Some would seem silly to you. They seem silly to me.  But the rest are things I’d love to try out this month while here on the island. Including my desire to trade in one – to – one work and truly focus on creating virtual real estate that pays more than just pocket change.

And fear sneaks up. Even as I’m writing this I wonder if you might read it and think, “well, that’s silly! You have to work hard for your money. You can’t live off of virtual real estate!” And maybe someone else won’t even know what I’m talking about.  And worse yet, I won’t even know you’re thinking this about me, because you’ll probably click right off this page and not leave a comment. Why? partially because we’re not sitting across a coffee table from each other. I can’t see the look in your eyes, and I can’t read the vibe you’re giving off when I say something that clearly makes no sense to anyone, but me.

That’s what I’m missing by wanting to be ‘virtual’ instead of working 1 to 1.  Being able to tap into your reaction to my words.

Yet, it’s really a silly fear. There are ways.  Others have been blogging and even supplementing their income through their virtual real estate. Some even replacing their full time income. So why would I limit myself from that group of people? Could it be because I still have the ‘old boat’ with me as a back up plan?

And would burning it really do me any good? I’m not sure I have the answer tonight, but I will know by the end of this month.

What do you think?  Burn it? Or keep it, just in case?

and let me know your opinion! Or write a comment below.

p.s. have you seen the pics I’ve been sharing on Facebook?  I’m still deciding if the story of us staying in a Yurt for a month is something to share here, or just in social media. Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Arie

    I too am visiting that idea of not having to work SO hard physically, in person, tediously, for the ability to survive.
    I’m not sure what that will mean for me yet as I’m just starting to explore it, but its starting to focus, and the calls from people asking for help with energy healing are increasing, and something has to give.. and I know it wont be the healing.. so where does that leave the old boat except burned or tied to me.. its too heavy to lug around.. so I think I know my answer. Scary as it is.
    Good luck with your boat. your site is beautiful. 🙂

  2. Cris:Gladly

    What we contribute to the world evolves as we evolve. If your instinct is telling you to let go of 1:1 … then you already have your answer. A month is not long at all and yet a lifetime can take place in that time. Will be curious to see where your head and heart are at by the end of the that time … but, I’d say this: if you are going to take the month –take it! No half in or half out or the month will be gone and no shift will have occurred. Claim the month, stand inside it any way you want and then see where you are. The answer you find at the end of it may not even relate to the question you initially asked. No matter where you land on the other side, whether you burn the boat or not, you will do great things. There is no “one way” to shine!

  3. Shay

    Such a helpful post Loralee. You already provide so much value online that you really should be making money for that value. Do what you love. Those one-on-ones will always be there if you change your mind.

  4. Brenda Coleman

    Let it go. You can always come back to 1-1 (in person) work. It will always be there. However, there isn’t a need for you to carry it around like an extra piece of luggage. My “Burning The Boat” moment is renting out my place. I have always felt tied to my city because I have a mortgage. Luckily, (thanks to B-School), I have read about women “letting go” of their homes (selling, renting it out) and having successful lives. And, now it is my turn. I feel free to take on whatever comes my way.

    I know I will always have the “condo” to go back to. In order for me to completely move forward, I have to “let it go” and not look back. If I have to come back, then it will be up to the Universe, not me.

    • admin

      what a big decision Brenda! I’m so glad you’re taking this step. Did you know my belongings are all in storage too? I’ve been ‘on the road’ since last summer. If you ever need someone to talk to who ‘get’s it’, even if it’s just to vent, I’m here. Drop me a note. xo ~ Loralee

  5. nasrine

    WOW! I wonder about this as well. I am an expat, and the longer I stay away the loner I think my homeland is so far away, but I get “it”. What about the on-line vibration and space? What does it mean to be in that space where you’re creating abundance in your own space, your own terms and in the arena of your own passion? Do you decide to “burn” the practical for the ideal? I am not sure either, but I do know it’s nice to think about the fueling the flame with your own unique passion.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for showing me I’m not alone on this journey. That others are also challenged by this question of whether or not this is practical or simply a pipe dream. It’s likely a blend of both and not black & white at all. Maybe this is a reminder for us to live in the ‘now’ and not look back into the past, simply enjoying where we are right now, this moment and knowing the future will be another enjoyable moment.
      or, is that too idealistic?