You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

We’re entrepreneurs. Heading out on an adventure. Solo!

Solopreneurs who want to create our own company & brand. Unique to us.

And we do, because we’re fantastic. We’re capable, skilled, brilliant. And often cash flow challenged. So, when our coaches or friends say, “Why don’t you hire someone to help you with that.” The savvy part of us, who created this business by doing it all ourselves says, “No way! I can do it!”  Or even, “It would take forever for me to train someone to do it the way I do it.”

What if I told you that without seeking help, your business was doomed for failure? That you had zero percent chance of still having a business on January 1, 2013. Would you do anything?  Would you consider training your niece, your son, the college kid on your street or a stay at home mom who could use some extra spending money?  Would you write up a “help wanted” ad? Look to your peers and ask for a referral? Write up your “dream job description”?

Or would you say, “I don’t believe her! I can do it alone!”

Obviously I can’t (and wouldn’t want to) predict 100% business failure, but that’s not the point. You already know in your heart you need help.  The part of you that’s running this ship is screaming at you to listen, and ask for help. The part of you who is the CEO of this company has been laying out the vision and direction of this company for a long time, and you’re not really able to keep up.

Will you listen this time? Take a baby step towards delegation, outsourcing, automating, systematizing… Giving yourself the gift of seeing your business grow without burning you out.

Here are a few things I’ve asked for help with, to get you juices flowing:

  1. checked my voice mail daily, email summary & reminder notes in calendar
  2. filing papers in my office
  3. going through boxes or office “stuff” and matching cords to electronic gadgets
  4. pick up mail from mailbox, open and prioritize
  5. confirming all time & billings have been entered & create invoices for review
  6. basic bookkeeping – data entry
  7. schedule client appointments (by email or phone)
  8. set up future blog entries with images, ands schedule for upcoming weeks/month
  9. set up newsletter content weekly/bi-weekly

This summer I’m hiring again, before I’m “ready”.  Are you on board too? Tell me in the comments below at least one thing you can do to lighten your load this week. Who can you start to train to take over 1 piece of your business.

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